Real Testimonials

“Love at first sight”

Cedric is not only an amazing artist with a keen eye for details, he will take his own time to go through the whole process with you, something rare among artist. When I laid eyes on the first piece I purchased (Sweet Dreams/Homer) it was love at first sight. From the moment my order was placed the excitement had begun, and Cedric was kind enough to have arrangements made for the delivery in a very secure manner and went as far as coming mounting his own art to my wall to make sure it was done with absolute precision & in the right location. Overall an amazing experience, I have since purchased 2 other pieces and have received the same impeccable service. I look forward to seeing Cedric’s next round of limited editions and hope to grab one as they sell out very quickly.

Keep up the amazing work!

“Unlike anything I've encountered before”

Cedric's art is unlike anything I've encountered before. The endless facets of his designs meet the outstanding quality of his work. Any piece of Cedric's has the ability to brighten any room or area. Inesting in this young artist is a decision I would advise to anyone.

“An amazing presence”

Super happy with the Marvel piece hanging in my living room. Prompt delivery also made for an excellent shopping experience. It looks even better than what I was expecting.

Whoever comes over always remarks on it and I proudly show it off. I still love it as much as the first day I saw it. The sheer size of the piece gives it an amazing presence.

“The experience is like no other”

I just want to let you know something about Cedric and his art; the experience is like no other experience I have ever had purchasing anything.

Cedric takes the time to understand you as an individual, or in my case as a family when pairing you with pieces of his work.

Cedric really understood us as a family and not only did he sell us a piece of art that will be past down from generation to generation, he actually became a part of the story we tell when we talk about this piece.

The amount of comments I get and referrals I’ve given because of this piece are off the charts.

Cedric is by far one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, whether it’s an original work of art or something custom, he is the best young artist to work with. Thank you Cedric for not only providing me this piece but also creating a part of the Cohen family history!!!

“I had to have it!”

I’ve always enjoyed Cedric’s work, but when I saw this piece, I needed to have it. VHS was such a huge part of my life and even influenced me to become an actor.

I used to spend a ton of time at the video store, roaming the aisles and appreciating the box art; and when I saved up enough money, I would buy myself a used VHS to add to my collection; so when I laid eyes on this piece, the memories came flooding back.

Regarding its size, It’s massive 4’ x 8’ proportions means it is 1:1 with real VHS boxes, which IMO is just way cool.

Also, dealing with Cedric was such a pleasure; he’s a genuine, enthusiastic and passionate guy, so it’s nice to support an artist who also happens to be a wonderful human being.

Sure, it’s a scary time to spend on “non essentials”, but you know what? When the dust settles, I want artists to still be around.

Art is a huge part of every single one of our lives, so let’s do our best to support it.

Just make sure to rewind your tapes before you bring them back or you will be charged 1$ �

“I love my "Trippy Mickey" piece”

I love my “Trippy Mickey” piece, it’s amazing and the customer service by Cedric was top notch.

“The whole process was seamless”

From delivery to installation, the whole process was seamless. Cedric was extremely knowledgeable and placed my bookscape perfectly. I’ve been getting compliments on both the clarity and quality since day 1 - would definitely recommend!

“I couldn’t be happier with the purchase”

Got this beautiful piece (MUSIC BOOKSCAPE I)from Sqra art. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. It’s exactly what we wanted and brings life into our living room. Working with Cedric was a pleasure. He created mock up images to find the best wall for the piece, he shared his opinions, the payment and delivery process was effortless and reliable.

His passion shines through and I’m happy to support him. I have no doubt this piece will appreciate with time!

“Second to none”

I’ve now worked with Cedric on a couple occasions for projects and his conception, attention to detail and desire to give 100% satisfaction is second to none. I appreciate all his hard work and look forward to putting more of his art on my walls in the near future.

“Totally blown away”

Whenever my friends see Cedric’s art, they are totally blown away. The prices were fair and the service was excellent. Cedric was very helpful from the beginning all the way through to the delivery. Very happy client.


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