The Artist: SQRA (seh-keh-rah)

Born in Montreal in 1989, Cedric Sequerra has always been fascinated by the arts. In his teenage years & throughout his twenties, Cedric worked as a brand consultant, graphic designer, video producer, director, videographer, photographer, tech entrepreneur & artist.

Today, Cedric travels the globe to photograph unique collections to turn into magnificent large format pieces of art; his process involves meeting real collectors with rare or eclectic collections that can be captured in-camera to create "pop culture time-capsules".

Being a collector himself, Cedric understands the lifelong pursuit of the most elusive items and the passion held by the collector community, though sadly these collections rarely garner the adoration they deserve because they typically sit locked away in boxes, attics, basements or garages.

Rather than being witnessed by a select few who have the privilege to see these trophies in person, Cedric puts in the research and effort to capture the magic of the collector's journey for the masses to appreciate.

Whether its books, movies, toys, food or sports memorabilia, every collection tells a story.


When Cedric first picked up his video camera in 2007, his debut short film and music video were viral hits, garnering 6.5 million organic views on YouTube; today, he has amassed more than 50 million views on videos he’s produced.

Before adopting his career full time, Cedric completed his BComm in finance at John Molson School of Business in 2010.

In the years that followed, Cedric had the privilege of shooting with many prolific companies, artists, recording artists, etc , including Ubisoft, Major Lazer, Deadmau5, Sushi Master Nobu Matsuhisa, YouTube sensation Epic Meal Time & music industry maverick Steve Rennie to name a few.

Cedric also spent considerable time working in the fashion industry, having shot videos with Coco Rocha, Jeremy Scott, Corey Shapiro and music videos with the late tattooed model Zombie Boy. 

As a photographer, Cedric has shot catalogues for many brands such as Kappa, Naked & Famous Denim and renowned Quebec designer Denis Gagnon.

Having spent multiple years living between Montreal and LA by the age of 27, Cedric decided to return to Montreal to explore the world of tech, launching community apps on iOS & Android devices.


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