SQRA: The Collector's Journey - Solo Exhibition at Gallery Beauchamp

The Montreal Beauchamp Gallery was thrilled to host its first-ever solo exhibition for artist Cedric Sequerra (SQRA), which ran from July 20th to July 30th in the heart of Montreal's Old Port.

The artist connected with his Montreal admirers by offering an eclectic collection of new limited edition photographs, neon works, and original pop art.  

The edition size refers to the number of times a particular print can be manufactured. All editions by Sqra are limited to 10 pieces per size, and the total run per design or photograph will not exceed 50 prints, which may or may not include custom sizes.

For example: if a piece is available in 5 sizes, each size would be limited to 10 reproductions for a total of 50 prints in circulation.

SQRA's very first Gamerscapes were displayed at the event, allowing visitors to relive their youth through a rare Super Nintendo collection. Additionally, the artist captured the spirit of Montreal's hottest summer event, showcasing an iconic collection of F1 drivers Helmets!

SQRA also presented new original Bookscapes, expanding on his most popular works, including Sports Bookscape II, Music Bookscape IV and a few other surprises.  
Visitors were able to meet the young Montreal-based artist on Saturday July 22nd and 29th and witnessed his latest unique photographic works that appealed to the collectors' spirit.


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